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Rose Toy Official® is the legit official website for rose toy™ and other rose-shaped vibrators. The rose toy™ is a patent registered in the US, Canada, UK & EU. We design, manufacture, wholesale, and retail the rose toy™ and other hot sex toys. We believe that a safe and quality adult sex toy not only promotes your interest in sex but also helps to improve the relationship between partners so that both partners can better experience the pleasure of sex.

Rose Toy Official® designs, manufactures & collects a variety of the most innovative and high-quality rose toys from all over the world for customers to buy. All of our rose vibrators and other sex toys are designed and produced by qualified sex toy companies in China, America, Europe, Japan, etc.. They are absolutely safe and quality guaranteed, allowing our customers to choose and enjoy our products to add unlimited pleasure to our customers!

Rose Toy Official® is committed to providing the highest quality and most appropriate adult products to each customer. We will provide professional advice so that each customer can have the most unforgettable and happy experience so that you can start over with “sex”.

Rose Toy Official®’s mission is to improve and lead you to a healthy and harmonious life by providing you with a select list of the world’s finest adult sex toys. This has established Rose Toy Official® as an erotic, quality, high-end brand in the minds of consumers. Our guarantee to you is that we only provide genuine, body-safe, high-quality products.

Rose Toy Official® has sourced the best selection of adult toy products for you, with a 100% guaranteed authentic selection and a large selection of European, American, Chinese, and Japanese brands of adult toy products.

We attach great importance to the pre-sales and after-sales service of this site, to protect customer privacy, professional erotic adult products consulting services, and product after-sales maintenance and return, to ensure that customers can enjoy a hundred percent of shopping pleasure.

Our team works hard to find a variety of rose sex toys from around the world, scouting for sources and samples to provide you with a select, thoughtful product. Providing you with the best experience in the privacy of your home. The Rose Toy Official® team is ready to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us at support@rosetoyofficial.com.