How to Clean Rose Toy?

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Rose sex toys can drastically improve the quality of your sex life and brings better orgasms. Actually,according to some rose toy users, the rose toy™ can also open up orgamic sensations that you are not even aware of, same like a good oral sex. Whether you use the rose toy™ solo or with your partner, it is likely to be coated in bodily fluids by the time you are done. You must clean and store it carefully, ensuing optimal hygiene.

Do I Need to Clean My Rose Toy™ If Only Me Using it?

The answer is Yes. The most commmon reason for cleaning sex toys is that they may transmit STIs.Some of the most commmon sex toy transmitted STIs are herpes, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. Sex experts and dermatologists agree that sex toys can transmit STIs if they are not sanitized and cleaned properly, especially if it is used by multiple individuals. However, if you use it solo, and clean it well, there is no risk of STI transmission.

The Most Sanitary Material for Rose Toys

You may find some rose toys online that are incrdibly cheap, costing less than $20. If a rose toy’s price feels too good to be true, it is probably because it is made of inferior materials. The rose sex toy industry is extremely unregulated, and you can find sex toys made of unsafe materials. Latex and jelly-rubber are the most popularly-used un safe materials for rose sex toys. We recommend to avoid buying rose toys with porous materials because they might have microscpic holes that harbor millions of bacteria and germs. If you get an inferior rose vibrator with unsafe material, it does not matter how much you wash them, they will still have bacteria and fungus within their pores. So, what is the best nonporous body-safe material for rose toy™? The answer is Silicon. Silicone is widely considered the best material for sex toys because it has a nonporous body that does not trap fluids and bateria, making it extremely easy to clean and sanitize.

How to Clean Silicone Rose Toy?

Step 1: Clean The Rose Toy™ With Fragrance-Free Soap or Toy Cleaners
After using your rose toy™, firstly it clean it thoroughly to remove all the bodily fluids and bacteria. Since the rose tou is motorized, we do not recommend to drop it in a vat of boiling water. We recommend to use fragance-free soap or toy cleaners to clean it.

You can spritz the rose toy™ with some normal fragrance-free soap and let it sit in a sink of water for a few minutes. Then rinse the rose toy™ clean and wash the soap of with lukewarm water. Why do you need to use a fragrance-free soap? Because scented soaps have ingredients that interfere with your vagina’s natural PH balance, increasing the risk of yeast infections.

Step 2: Dry Rose Toy™ Off With a Soft Towel or Cleaning Cloth
After rinsing and cleaning the rose toy™, you should try it off with a soft towel. Make sure that the towel or cloth is soft and plush,and gently wipe it dry. Do not use harsh strokes because that may scratch or damage the rose toy’s surface.

Step 3: Flaunt It Out in The Open
After you are done cleaning and wiping the rose toy™, it is time to store it safely. Most people hide sex toys in secret places, however, that’s not the best way to store sex toys. Firstly, the rose toy™ need some air and breathing room. Secondly, hiding rose toys perpetuates notions of shame around sextuality. The rose toy™ looks like a rose decoration, actually most people do not notice that it is a sex toy. If you want to keep it out of sight, we suggest grabbing a satin or silk sack. Satin and silk are smooth and high-breathable materials that keep your sex toys safe while ensuring plenty of air circulation.

3 thoughts on “How to Clean Rose Toy?

  1. April says:

    I have recommended this toy to my sisters and close friends! My husband and I use mine together because he enjoys watching the orgasms that the rose give me! 😍🤩

  2. Tiffany says:

    My rose is from Adori me and it list ABS + Silicone as the Main Materials did I get an official or a knock off? Is it safe to use? I’m nervous. I put a condom on my other toy but this one works in a way that needs direct contact.

    • Marina Hoppe says:

      Hi Tiffany,
      Yes, Adorime is our official brand, you can trust it. The toy’s inside structure is made from ABS, it is surrounded by silicone, so it’s safe to use.

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