Trust the Original Rose Toy Official Site

When a new product becomes popular in any market, there are always scammers and cheaters waiting to try to take advantage of the opportunity. Unfortunately, this happened to the new rose toy we offer here. Unscrupulous companies copied our product with an eye on quick sales instead of quality construction, safe materials, and exceptional user experience.

The scam site has hyphen in domain, while the legit site is

The legit Rose Toy Official site has no hyphen in domain, it is

Scam Notices: Avoid Fake Phishing Sites

Why do scammers copy and advertise similar websites? The primary goal is not to sell you a competing product. In fact, many of the fake sites do not even have products to sell. Instead, they are phishing sites designed to gather your personal information. They take advantage of your interest in the latest developments in the adult toy industry in order to steal data. Then, they either sell it to make a quick profit or use it for their own spamming purposes.Read more information on this link:

How Do You Spot One of These Fake Websites?

It’s simple. If the website address is NOT, it is not the real, trustworthy company. Others have stolen our good name, infringed on legal copyright, and are advertising as if they were us. Unfortunately, our reputation has taken a hit because some buyers were taken advantage of by these cheats.

The URLs and names may be similar. The product pictures they show are the same. The websites are sometimes direct copies of our official pages. The advertising promises the same satisfaction. However, these are all false. Check the website address to make sure. There are no hyphens, no other words, letters, or numbers.

Please also note that the original and official rose toy is not sold on any other ecommerce platform like Amazon. We ship only from the USA direct from our warehouse.

Why Choose Rose Toy Official?

When you invest in a product that has brought so much pleasure and satisfaction to so many people, you need to know it is the real thing. The Rose Toy product line is about more than personal enjoyment, however. Adult toys require a high degree of trust between the consumer and the manufacturer.

You need to know the product is 100% safe for use, that the materials are hypoallergenic and nontoxic, and that functions will perform the way they are advertised. You also need to know that your personal and financial information is absolutely safe and private.

Rose Toy Official owns the patent for these products in the USA, UK, EU, and Canada. This means we are the only brand licensed and allowed to sell these items. Anyone else is infringing on our patent, and we are in the process of taking legal action against them.

What to Do If You Were Scammed by a Fake Seller?

We are so very sorry that these scam artists are still in operation. We are working hard to inform everyone of their activity and working to take down their illegal sites. If one took your payment, please contact your bank, credit card company, or payment processor for help.

Rose Toy Official stands behind our products and best business practices. Please share the official website with your friends and let them know about the unfortunate scams. Let’s work together to make sure everyone gets the highest quality, genuine, and most satisfying product around.

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