Rose Toy: What is the Rose Vibrator, and How do You Use It?

Sex toys, especially suction toys, have been in play for decades. Some only achieve a short-lived period of fame, while the most commonly used sex toys are constantly being manufactured and used worldwide. The most popular sex toys are rabbit vibrators from Lelo. Recently, one sex toy, known as the rose toy™, gained massive popularity from TikTok users, which has prompted sex toy users to different curiosity levels.

Much is unknown about the rose toy™, which unfortunately leads buyers to unknowingly purchase fake products advertised as the rose toy™. What is the rose toy™, and how does it work? Below is everything you need to know about the rose toy™.

What is the Rose Toy™?

The sex toy gets its name from its rose-like shape. It looks more like a rosebud and less of a sex toy, and such doesn’t attract unsolicited concerns. The rose toy™ is a typical vibrator sex toy that, at the very base level, works like a suction sex toy but with more attractive visual and functional features. The rose toy™ is also known as the rose vibrator, rose clit sucker, or the rose vibration.

However, unlike your typical vibrator, the rose toy™ is a multifunctional sex toy that can simultaneously stimulate different erogenous zones in the body. Check out below the different features of the rose vibrator and how they contribute to a wild sexual encounter.

Features of the Rose Toy™

  1. Unique and elegant design

A rose vibrator has a unique rose-shaped suction as well as an egg-shaped vibration. As previously mentioned, it is shaped like rose artwork, meaning more privacy and less embarrassment typical of sex toys.

  1. Multifunctional

Based on Amazon’s review, the rose toy™ has a 2 in 1 design that helps to stimulate several erogenous zones. It stimulates the clitoris and nipples,it is sucking and vibrating based.

  1. It has ten suction modes

The rose toy™ comes with 10 different vibrating and sucking modes that meet your different sexual needs. It comes with an easy-to-operate button that allows you to cycle through the various modes to help you reach orgasm.

Additionally, the rotating airflow features 7 adjustable intensity levels, all featuring vibrating pulsations. It also has an amazing variety of settings and rhythms. Rest assured, its suction combined with its pulsation will drive you intensely crazy.

However, the rose toy™ is available under different brands, which means not all will feature the same intensity levels when it comes to vibrations and pulsation. The best way is to buy it on its official website, who is the originally designer of the toy, it offers 10 vibrating and sucking modes.

  1. Waterproof design

It is well built to be used in water without exposing the rose vibrator to damage. You can easily use and clean it in the shower.

How to Use Rose Toy™

  • Long press the button for 10 seconds to turn it on.
  • Short press(One-click) the button to change vibrating or sucking modes.

Once you purchase the rose toy™, which thankfully comes in discreet packaging, it is advisable to ensure it is fully charged before use. Then start using it on the lowest settings before you advance to higher and more powerful settings.

Also, ensure you have lube to reduce any discomfort that you may feel without some form of lubrication. You can begin using it on your nipples with a small amount of lube to test it out before advancing to higher settings. Fortunately, unlike other suction sex toys, the Rose toy™ has one of the best and most effective nipple-sucking functions.

Whether or not you choose to test it out on your nipples, you will have to use it on your clit to derive its maximum pleasure. Again, add some lube, then start slow. It is important to note that clit suckers are intended for indirect stimulation. As such, most people prefer to hold the suckers a little distant from the clitoris.

Some of these rose toys feature a tongue-like feature, while others have the classic standard suction feature. The difference in such features also means a difference in usage methods. However, some tips to note when using the rose vibrator include:

  • Adjust the distance and angle that you are using to hold the rose toy™ until you find the one that works perfectly for your body
  • Try out different air pressure modes to discover the perfect suction setting for you
  • Stop or slow if it feels remotely painful or uncomfortable on your clitoris or skin
  • Cleanse, rinse, and repeat.
How to Charge the Rose Vibrator

The rose vibrator has a practical charging base, which is ideally very discreet. It has a USB magnetic charging port design. The vibrator comes with a charging cable that is ideal for all USB devices.

To charge the rose toy™, line up the magnetic prongs under it with the nodes on the flat base. Twist the vibrator a little to line it perfectly. The power button flashing on and off is a clear sign that the rose toy™ is charging. The power button is located immediately above the place where the cord emerges from its charging base. Here is an article and video showing how to charge the rose toy™ correctly:

How to Clean the Rose Toy™

Unfortunately, cleaning the rose vibrator is more work than common vibrators. This is especially true since the rose toy™ has a unique design that resembles a rose’s structure. The ‘rose petals’ happen to the complicated part when cleaning the rose vibrator. However, once you know what to use to clean the vibrator and how to do it, the cleaning part becomes less challenging.

It is advisable to clean the rose vibrator after every use since your fluids are likely to remain between the petals. You require a water-based lubricant to clean the rose toy™ to ensure every part, including in between the petals, is cleaned appropriately. Since it is waterproof, you can clean it in the shower or when soaked in the bathtub.

Fortunately, the rose petals are flexible enough, allowing you to push them aside when you want to clean them. It may take a little longer to clean than the conventional suction simulator. In addition, the vibrator’s opening is large enough, allowing you to stick in the little finger and run it around to remove the lube.

Avoid using 10% bleach or 70% isopropyl alcohol solution since either may negatively affect the ABS plastic under the vibrator. Wash the rose toy™ using water or a water-based toy cleaner as well as with a soapy solution. Once you have washed it, genty dry the rose toy™ using a soft toy and store it safely for the next time.

Pros and Cons of  Rose Toy™

  • The genuine production has a strong frame and design, unlike most fake versions. It is a  smooth, medium-firm silicone
  • It is waterproof and easy to clean as a result
  • It is moderately quiet, allowing you to use it even in your office, during travel, or with others around
  • It is small and portable
  • In addition, the toy has an attractive and subtle design. As such, it is easy to conceal its function even within your home décor. You have the option of red or pink when choosing the rose toy™
  • It has varying strengths, allowing you to customize the best setting to help you attain an orgasm in the shortest time
  • Most users rely on the rose toy™ to help them climax in as little as 30 seconds
  • It has fast charging and can run comfortably up to 120 minutes when fully charged
  • The toy comes in reliable, discreet packaging, just like most high-quality sex toys
  • Most importantly, it is highly affordable and a favorite among most sex-toy users for its effectiveness.

Unfortunately, as with any sex toy or product ordered online, the rose toy™ also has its minor share of cons. These include:

  • Some users find it irritably loud, especially when used on the highest settings
  • Depending on the sex toys you use, the rose toy™’s lowest setting may be the highest on your current or previous toys. However, this may appeal as an advantage for users who prefer extremely high vibration and pulsating setting
  • Unfortunately, there is also a high chance of buying lesser quality rose vibrators due to the abundance of sellers selling different qualities of the same product.

However, if you overlook the above cons and with due diligence when purchasing a rose vibrator, you are highly likely to enjoy the toy’s unrivaled stimulation.

Where to Buy the Rose Toy™?

Due to its wide popularity, many websites are selling the replica rose toys. Consumers opt to buy the rose vibrator from dropshipppers who buy them wholesale and resell them in their online storefronts. While dropshipping has carved a positive reputation in the e-commerce industry, it also exposes you to fake and mediocre quality products. is the rose toy official® website and the creator of the toy, there are many websites impersonating the official website, but the legit site is the one without hyphen, the domain is They offer the original rose toy™ of great quality and 2 year waranty, with fast shipping from USA, the delivery is 2-5 days for USA & Canada locations.

Amazon is one of the most common sellers of sex toys. The best way to buy genuine and high-quality products is by checking for reviews and ratings. Walmart provides thousands of satisfied users with the maximum pleasure this uniquely-shaped sex toy provides. PinkCherry is also one of the authorized seller for the rose toy™, as well as SpencerGift.

Bottom Line

The rose toy™ is designed for strength and maximum pleasure. In addition, it comes in the shape of a rose petal, leading to its name. The rose toy™ comes with several unique features like speed variations. Having gained massive popularity recently, the rose toy™ is still expected to be a favorite sex toy and a bedroom sensation among couples looking to spice up their sex lives.

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